Learning is a lifelong experience, which is why most of us embrace opportunities to gain insights and learn new skills. Learning as an adult opens up new doors, helps you grow, and change the course of your life. This is the idea behind the Alabama Adult Education Program.


Whether you are looking for a high school equivalence, job training, or proper guidance to complete your GED – Alabama Adult Education Program is the answer. With over 400 schools across Alabama, this program has touched the lives of more than 29,000 residents so far.

Prepare for Your GED

A General Education Diploma is the equivalent of a high school diploma, and for those looking to complete GED, Alabama Adult Education Program is a great choice. The community colleges help fill the gap while offering a number of local, flexible, and free online training. It involves tests in four subjects, Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning through Language Arts.


Most employers require a high school diploma or GED, and you need it even if you plan on starting with college. If you are above 19 years of age and have at least 10 hours of high school credit hours, you may be eligible to sign up for this option.


The GED test costs $120, but the Alabama Community College System does have a See4Free program. This lets you take free GED Ready practice tests for free, and if you pass, they offer to pay for the real exam. The classes are free of charge, but not mandatory. You can retake tests, and view results within three hours after completing them. This opens up a whole lot of possibilities including jobs, college applications, and so on.

Unlimited Job Opportunities

Alabama Adult Education Program offers you multiple job training for a better resume. With free classes and certification programs, you also get college and career courses. Collaboration with many business leaders has led to top-notch programs. You also earn Alabama Certified Worker (ACW) Certificate and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)  when you complete the Ready to Work program, a self-paced, six-module course.


If you are looking for production line jobs, MSSC is a great start. The two-month certification course gives you a good head start. There is also a four to six weeks Certified Production Technician program to gain certification in Safety and Quality practices.

English Language Courses

If English is not your first language, learning to communicate effectively might require some support. English as a Second Language or ESL courses allows you to master the language. You can learn to read and write English free of cost, with a group of patients and trained staff.


This is an important step to take before joining college, or taking up employment. It not only adds to your resume but also allows for effective communication. Make sure to opt for this free learning opportunity and get certified as soon as possible.

Family Enrichment

Strong communities are made by strong families. As a parent, the Alabama Adult Education Program supports you in helping classroom education for your children. This offers guidance and support, allowing you to be an important part of your children’s education.


Learning new skills is a great way to get ahead in your career and in life. Alabama Adult Education Program makes it possible to master the necessary skills to build the foundation for a good future. Whether you want to pick up your high school diploma or take a course for better skills, this is a great program to participate in.

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