The General Educational Development (GED®) Test

Throughout my years in the education field, I have interacted with different types of students and guided them on ways to further their education. Many have been asking how important getting the various certificates is. The answer has been the same all through; the more credentials you have, the easier it will be to further your education and benefit your career.


GED is among the options I have been recommending as an opportunity for students to further their education. 



What is GED?


Known as the General Education Development, it is an alternative to a high school. It is recommended for students or persons that were unable to complete their high school diploma. The test is designed to test the learners’ multitude and aptitude in several subjects, including science, reading, social studies, writing, and math. 


The 7- hours test evaluates the learners’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.


Who can take the test?


There is an eligibility criterion for any learner looking to take the test, and all the items must be met. For one, the student must not be under 18 years of age. However, note that some states allow students who are 16 years and older.


The persons taking the test should also not be enrolled in a secondary school or have graduated with a high school diploma. This is one reason why I recommend the test to adults who do not have high school diplomas; it is a great option.



How much does it cost?


It is important to note that this usually varies with the jurisdiction. However, all the four tests that make up the GED will cost you between $80-$150, depending on where you will take it. 


For students doing a GED retake, the test service fees may be waived, or the costs may vary, also depending on your jurisdiction. 


Is the GED test harder than a high school diploma?


The time commitments required for the two programs are different. How long a GED will take depends on an individual’s level of education and skills. On average, it takes three months to get your GED. However, it could take a shorter time if you are prepared for the exam. 


It will take you four years to earn a high school diploma. GED has less time commitment than a high school diploma. This, however, does not mean that it is easier. It is actually not academically easier as students taking the test must perform above 60% of high school students’ performance.

This grading equivalent is what makes the test harder than the high school diploma.



Why taking a GED test is a good idea


For one, 95% of higher learning institutions like colleges and universities accept the GED in place of a high school diploma certificate. Employers accept it too.


It is also a chance for adults that missed the opportunity to complete their high school diploma to further their education. More so, it does not command as much time commitment as a high school diploma does.

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