If you’re a busy teen or adult looking to return to school, earning your high school diploma online is easier than ever. Here at Tellis Educational Services, we offer a seamless 8-week high school diploma program with all the essential core subjects, including reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. 


Our program is one of the fastest ways to get a high school diploma online for adults. You can check out some of our student testimonials to see what real people have had to say about our program. 


Ready to take your education to the next level? Contact our team today to learn more about how you can get started. 

Why Receive a High School Diploma Online?

If you’re an adult who missed the opportunity to graduate and receive your diploma in your teens, going back to finish may seem daunting. Furthermore, your life may be incredibly busy, and you feel like you don’t have the time to finish. 


However, getting an accredited high school diploma through our 8-week program is easier than you may think. Indeed, receiving a high school diploma comes with a wide range of benefits, even for adults.  

Better Employment Options

One of the primary reasons adults go back to get their high school diploma is for better employment opportunities. You could always go and get a high school equivalency diploma (HSE), but an accredited diploma puts you way ahead of the competition when searching for a job. It can also be your first step to preparing to attend college in the future. 

University Opportunities

Getting your high school diploma online fast is potentially only the beginning of your educational journey. Once you’ve officially graduated high school, you can take your learning even further by going to college.

Higher Earning Potential

With an accredited high school diploma, you can increase your earning capacity. Wages related to education level vary between industries, but typically the higher your education, the higher the salary you can negotiate. If you continue your education efforts through attending college, you can expect to earn even more. 

Boosts Your Skillset

Let’s face it; not everyone remembers everything they learned while in high school. However, earning your diploma as an adult ensures that you can remember and apply the course material in real-world scenarios. Investing in your education will give you more skills you can use in the future. 

What Are the Courses Like?

Getting your high school diploma online can feel a lot like attending high school in person. When you begin the enrollment process, you choose the courses you need to take to receive your diploma. If you aren’t sure about which classes you need, you can always speak to one of our counselors. 


The courses contain assignments that focus on the core subject matter (reading, writing, math, etc.). Our dedicated educators go above and beyond to ensure you make it through the program with minimal friction. Once you complete the 8-week program, we have a commencement ceremony to celebrate you and your virtual classmates’ graduation. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Tellis Educational Services offers scholarships of up to $200 to help cover tuition costs to students who meet specific requirements. Students who want to apply for a scholarship need to submit a one-page written paper answering the following questions:


  • How would receiving a high school diploma change your life?
  • What are your plans for after graduation?
  • What was your motivation for going back to school?


We understand that going back to get your high school diploma online can be financially challenging. So, we aim to provide two students with our scholarship per 8-week enrollment cycle. 

Program Price Overview

The total investment for the 8-week program is $700 broken up into four segments. To apply, students need to pay a $100 application fee. The preparatory classes that get you ready for the final state exam are $200. The Alabama state exam price is $300, and the final segment is the graduation package at $100.


If you weren’t completely prepared and you fail the state exam, you can retake it multiple times until you pass. 

How Is Your Program Accredited?

We understand that as someone looking to pursue online education, there are a lot of scams out there. However, our 8-week program is fully accredited by the American Council on Private Schools Accreditation (ACPSC).

Ready to Invest in Your Future?

Are you looking to take your education and career opportunities to new heights? If you’ve been searching for a “high school diploma online in Alabama,” you’ve come to the right place. Here at Tellis Educational Service, we’ve helped countless students in Alabama earn their high school diploma through our extensive 8-week program, and we’d love to help you next. 


Contact our team today to learn more about our courses and the program requirements.

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I am one of the first students that obtained a High School Diploma through Dr. Tellis. In 2012, I was given a second chance to further my education by going back to school. Various opportunities have transpired since graduating with my High School Diploma.

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