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While educating the current generation is essential, many people never got to finish their high school graduation due to their circumstances. They’re adults with jobs, responsibilities, and even kids who could never experience the joy of graduation. The statistics released by the U.S. The Department of Education shows the high school graduation rate is about 85.3 percent as of 2018.


The dream is to make it reach a whopping 90 percent, and the solution might be lying on the shoulders of the adults who had to give up on their education.

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Source: nces.ed.gov


What Studies Have Revealed

The 2018 graduation rate is an all-time high that has been noted to date. Interestingly, this increase in the rate came from the decrease in the high school dropout rate for Hispanic and black students. Between 2001 to 2018, 3.8 million more students graduated who would have otherwise dropped out.


2019 saw even more remarkable progress, especially in Birmingham, Alabama. The state’s graduation rate reached 91.7%, as released by the Research Council of Alabama. This rate is an all-time high in Alabama.


From my perspective, the three changes Alabama has made is an excellent case study of how to lower the dropout rate.


The Changes That Are Working

From 2013, the high school graduation exam has actually dropped. They also gave the students a choice to opt for an alternative diploma instead of limiting it to students who fall under special education. The state also made the excellent decision of expanding the options that will let one recover the credit if it falls.


After three years, in 2016, research was conducted to see how many people go to college or how many were ready to go to college or felt they were capable of holding a career. Termed CCR, the rate was 38 percent in 2014. By 2019 though, it has become 80 percent.


Alabama seems to be doing this well because Alabama has made the graduation rate a way to measure accountability. This is how the state knows it is providing quality education to its students and the CCR rate helps them inform it is preparing them for the future.


What Could Be Changed

Currently, it seems that low-income students, homeless students, and students of color are among those who have the lowest graduation rate. It is because of the gap in the opportunity they have compared to other students who are far more privileged.


A lot of these students drop out of school and jump into a career immediately. Most of the time, it is less out of their own volition and more because of financial matters.


Thus, schools need to provide opportunities for adults who had to drop out of a chance at graduation. They should get taught that a high school diploma will help their career in the long run.


These students also need to know they would get support if they decide to go back to school. They are working adults or the ones with family, so options provided to them had to be geared towards them while still providing quality education.


Dr. Jonas Tellis’ Educational Services

I believe I can help ease the journey of fellow adults in getting their graduation certificates. As long as you have a passion for completing education, educational classes are just a few clicks away.


I know getting back into education after so many years can be scary. Don’t forget that you have acquired life experience that high school students still don’t have, and it is that experience that will make graduation easy. Of course, Tellis education services would be there to support you through it. 

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I am one of the first students that obtained a High School Diploma through Dr. Tellis. In 2012, I was given a second chance to further my education by going back to school. Various opportunities have transpired since graduating with my High School Diploma.

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