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Don’t have a high school diploma? Don’t worry; there are many types of jobs available for people without high school diplomas. You just need to look for the type of jobs that don’t require a high school diploma and narrow down your job search to find the right one.


For whatever reason, you weren’t able to finish your high school diploma. But that shouldn’t stop you, nor does it mean that you lack the skills or talent. Numerous jobs hire people based on their talent and skill, and you need to find such a career for yourself.


This article will talk about no high school diploma jobs, how to up your chances of getting hired, and more. So let’s dive in.

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Can I get a High-Paying job Without a High School Diploma? What Fields Should I Apply in?

Having a high school diploma isn’t the only way to secure a high-paying job. And if you don’t have one, you are not entirely out of luck. But you need to work hard and complete additional training, certification, or apprenticeships.


There are many jobs available for people with no high school diploma. These jobs are available in most industries and rely on work experience and skill rather than just education.


As a candidate, you will enter the workforce at an entry-level position and learn the skills required for the job. Once you obtain these skills, you have an opportunity to advance in your career. Jobs that require more specialized skills and experience tend to pay more.


You do not require a high school diploma to begin your career and build for the future. These jobs will help you gain valuable skills and work experience. As your skill set grows and you gain work experience, you will meet your career goals.


Here is a list of some jobs that don’t require a high school diploma –

  • Restaurants
  • Customer Service
  • Delivery
  • Construction
  • Automotive Maintenance



How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired?

After finding the ideal job for yourself, you need to prepare a resume, apply for the job, and attend at least one interview. Let us look at various steps you can take to l increase your chances of getting hired –

  1. Create your Resume and tailor it for each job.
  2. Interview with confidence.
  3. Complete an apprenticeship or an internship.
  4. Obtain a GED.
  5. Approach an employment agency.

Create Your Resume and Tailor it for Each job

Your resume must look clean and professional. It should be straightforward and contain all relevant information. You need to list your skills and achievements at the top. Before you send out your resume, ensure to proofread it for spelling and grammatical errors. You can ask a friend or a family member to proofread it.


For each job that you apply to, ensure that you tailor your resume to fit the job description. Include the relevant skills, work experience, and achievements that speak to why you should be hired.

Interview With Confidence

You need to ace the interview to get the job, and the best way to do that is to interview with confidence and answer all the questions honestly and professionally. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer while answering questions and be confident. You can also point out why you would be a great addition to the company and what values you bring to the table.

Complete an Apprenticeship or Internship

Completing an apprenticeship or internship will help you develop the necessary skills for the job. You need to find an apprenticeship or internship in your desired career field. You will learn from experienced professionals and expand your skillset, which will help you build your resume.

Obtain a GED

GED is an alternative to a high school diploma. It is a certificate that measures your knowledge and ability in language, arts, math, social studies, and science. Find out the GED requirements in your area and take up the exam.


Once you pass the exam, you earn a GED, equivalent to a high school diploma. This will further boost your chances of finding a high-paying job.

Approach an Employment Agency

An employment agency helps match employees to employers. They are well informed of openings in various fields, and they can help you find the right job based on your skills.

Jobs that don’t require a High School Diploma

Here is a list of entry-level jobs that do not require a high school diploma and can lead to successful careers.

●       Server or Barista

Servers take orders, answer questions about the menu, accept payments, and relay orders to the kitchen staff. They also work in customer service and keep the restaurant running smoothly. A barista makes and serves beverages like coffee and tea and also food like sandwiches, muffins, or cookies.


On-the-job training is required for these jobs.

●       Telemarketer

A telemarketer has to contact potential customers and speak to them about the products and services of their company. They follow a specific sales pitch to convince the customers to make a purchase. This job requires a phone and a computer. You also need to have strong data entry and organizational skills to be successful in this field.

●       Customer Care Executive

The primary role of a customer care executive is to answer customer queries, relay information about the company’s products and services, and handle complaints.

●       Construction Worker

With an increasing number of building projects, there is a growing need for construction workers. You perform various duties such as removing debris, build scaffoldings, load and unload materials and operate heavy machinery.

●       Delivery Driver

As a delivery driver, you pick and drop off a wide range of items according to the routes and schedules assigned. You may transport items to individual homes or even businesses. You require time management, safe driving, and organizational skills for this job.

●       Automotive Technician

An automotive technician is responsible for any repairs and maintenance for vehicles. These professionals also perform inspections and test vehicles for damages and worn-out components.


These are not the only jobs that don’t require a high school diploma. Keep an eye out for job postings, and ensure that you meet their requirements before applying. We hope this guide helps you discover potential jobs and further your career.

adult education in Birmingham, AL

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