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AAMU graduate admission coordinator Jonas Tellis announces successful completion of Winter Coat Drive for Tellis Educational Services. The CEO and graduate admission coordinator is dedicating his time to serve other people as part of his social responsibility. 

The coat drive will help many people with needs find warm clothing to survive the winter. Every coat collected will mean so much to someone and will have a positive effect on society. 

Jonas Tellis, who helps young people and adults further their education, qualify for college and have the hope to live a better life knows exactly the impact of social responsibility. He’s experienced firsthand the challenges faced by people and how offering help can change their story. 

Social responsibility and giving back to the community go beyond delivering material things for people to use. It plays a major role in the lives of people who receive gifts. Some people have given up on life while others are even on the brink of suicide because they have lost all up. People in the community coming together to support them will give them hope that humanity still exists and that their lives can still be better. 

During the process of giving back to the community a lot of people learn what is going on in the lives of others. It’s easy to assume people are doing fine seeing them in a distance. Such a program will open the eyes of people to see the real situation of things within their community. 

Social responsibility also brings people together. Many people never had a conversation with or interacted with members of their community. It may be because they are too busy or just shy. When people come together to help others they get to meet, interact, and communicate. Such connection has the power to improve the unity in a community which is needed to solve many problems they may have in the future. 

Businesses within a locality have the opportunity to interact with members of the community when engaging in social responsibility. This interaction with the people will help to improve their brand story and make the community accept the business as part of them. It’s also an opportunity for the business owner to teach the people how their products and services can help make their lives better. 

Sometimes there is a problem or challenge in the community and no one is brave enough to protest about it or complain. Individuals and organizations in that community can start a social responsibility project to address the issue while also canvassing for others to work with them to solve it. 

According to Greater Good Magazine, a science-based publication Berkeley University of California, giving has health benefits that can improve the general well-being of those who practice it.

When people give it activates the regions of the brain associated with pleasure, trust, and happiness, leading to what is known as the “Warm glow” effect. Giving is also responsible for the release of endorphins in the brain that leads to positive feelings. 

Studies also show that elderly people who volunteer for one or two organizations are 44% less likely to die over the next five years, compared to those who didn’t. Researchers suggest that one of the reasons why giving promotes longevity is because it has the power to reduce stress. Giving also helps to lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem, reduce depression, and encourage greater happiness and satisfaction. 

People who give back to the community or take part in volunteer projects get to improve their mental health condition. They feel a better sense of purpose by creating an impact in other people’s lives and promoting kindness, hopefulness, and community spirit. It also helps people unlock their potentials by improving their social experience and promoting thoughtful thinking. 

During community projects, participants sometimes need to share their expertise. In the process, people get to learn from others to improve their creativity. Taking part in volunteer work to support those in need helps people grow by exposing them to new knowledge.

They have access to information they can use to improve their life, work, family, and relationship in amazing ways. Taking part in community work is very beneficial and the reward comes immediately and in the long run. 


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I am one of the first students that obtained a High School Diploma through Dr. Tellis. In 2012, I was given a second chance to further my education by going back to school. Various opportunities have transpired since graduating with my High School Diploma.

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